Joe Bieschke is an Indianapolis based artist, who works mainly in drawing and painting mediums. After receiving a BFA in studio art from the Herron School of Art and Design, he has focused on exploring the themes of his artwork. Joe’s work has been on display in his hometown of South Bend, as well as Indianapolis, and published in the Genesis literary magazine of IUPUI, as well as the Twisted Tongue magazine in the UK. Joe travelled to London in the Spring of 2008, and was inspired by viewing classic works through art history at the major museums. His preferred mediums are watercolor, oil, charcoal, and pastel.

“The more that media makes you think and question your beliefs, as well as the world around you, the more intriguing it is to me. Literature inspires me to create characters and environments of my own, wordless narratives on paper or canvas. I draw inspiration from a variety of media sources, many different time periods and categories, which influences the eccentricity of my images.  I try to analyze and re-interpret classically revered art forms, and attempt to capture that same timeless intrigue in my own work.

In my Insect series, I’ve taken creatures that are miniscule, and have magnified them in both size and importance. These portraits of insects can be viewed as monumentalizing something that most people pay no attention to. Most recently, exploring the ideas of transhumanism and technological progress has come to the forefront of my work. I draw inspiration from these elements, and form artwork for a technologically obsessed modern society, progressing and multiplying at breakneck speed.